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~ Caribou Gun Club News ~

All Roosters for Members only (while supplies last). Join the Caribou Gun Club today.


December cover looks great.  Call today to reserve a field. 

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

ALL Roosters!


ALL Roosters at the Caribou Gun Club for Members only (while supplies last).

Join the Caribou Gun Club today.

Call the Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

NEW • 32 lane outdoor Pistol Range now OPEN • Paper & Big Boy Automated Targets

caribou gun club big boy automated targets le sueur mn pistol range

The Caribou Gun Club Pistol Range is now OPEN!

There are 32 lanes of paper(9) and Big Boy Automated Targets(23). 

Click here for annual & daily shooting fees.

The Caribou Gun Club is an authorized dealer for Big Boy Automated Targets.

Visit: Big Boy Automated Targets 

The Caribou will have a Pistol Range Grand Opening some time in early 2020, with Pistol, Rifle, Ammo and Accessory Factory reps on site.

Call Randy Voss for Info: 507-665-3796

Caribou Sporting Clays League & Training Courses are up and running thru fall! Randy Voss was working sporting clays shoots from Alaska to Wisconsin to Mississippi!


The Caribou Sporting Clays League course (Woods course) is up and running.  The course is tricky, but targets are set to break a great score.

If you want to shoot some "legit tournament grade targets", head to the Caribou Training Course (North course), where Randy has set some tough, long, twisting and challenging targets!  This is a full 12 station course set-up.

In May, Randy set several FITASC parcours at the 2019 Leinie's 200, hosted by Game Unlimited Sporting Clays in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Randy traveled to Anchorage, Alaska in late June, where he advised and set targets for all the 2019 Alaska State Sporting Clays Championship events, hosted by the Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park.  Randy returned in September to teach target setting  applications with the Birchwood employees.


Randy was retained as an advisor and target setter for the 2019 South Central Regional, July, 2019 and for next year's 2020 World FITASC, hosted by Providence Hill Farm in Jackson, Mississippi.  

If you need a sporting clays consultant or target setter for your next sporting clays event, give Randy a call.

Call Randy Voss for Info: 507-665-3796

Doug Dingman • HOA Champion • 2019 FNRA MN State Sporting Clays Championship


Friends of NRA • 2019 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

September 22, 2019 • Caribou Gun Club


Doug Dingman • HOA • 97x100

Mike Jones • RU • 96x100

Scott Voss • 3rd • 96x100

Emma Johnston • HOA Ladies • 74x100


Bixby's Bitches • 1st Place • 363x400

Jim Fisher • 94x100

Gary Stinar • 90x100

Jim Ingvalson • 91x100

Bill Semrau • 88x100

Last Call • 2nd Place • 356x100

Brett Tupy • 94x100

Terrance Bartling • 93x100

Harold Zarn • 90x100

Bill Jolitz Sr. • 79x100

Upcoming Events


Tri-City United takes both Varsity & Junior Varsity team Championships. Ben Sladek (TCU) • 100x100, wins boys HOA and Elsa Strom (LSH) • 90x100, wins girls HOA.

Great weather and a great turn out for the 2019 Southern MN High School Trap Championship, June 1st and 2nd, 2019.


Tri-City United won Varsity & Junior Varsity team championships.

Sibley East took Runner-up in Varsity & Junior Varsity team championships.

Team honors:

Varsity Champions: Tri-City United • 470x500

Varsity RU: Sibley East • 423x500

Junior Varsity Champions: Tri-City United • 387x500

Junior Varsity RU: Sibley East • 386x500

Individual honors:

Boys HOA: Ben Sladek • 100x100 • Tri-City United

Boys RU: Hunter Stearns • 94x100 • Sibley East

Boys 3rd: Andrew Trnka • 94x100 • Tri-City United

Girls HOA: Elsa Strom • 90x100 • Le Sueur-Henderson

Girls RU: Savannah Oachs • 85x100 • Sibley East

Girls 3rd: Chloe Trident • 82x100 • Tri-City United

High School Teams represented:

Tri-City United • Sibley East • Le Sueur-Henderson • Jordan • Belle Plaine • Cleveland • St. Peter

Thanks to all the high school competitors, coaches, parents, spectators, volunteers and Caribou staff that competed, supported and produced the 2019 Southern MN High School Trap Championship. See you in 2020!

Shooting at the Caribou!


Sporting Clays

The Caribou Gun Club hosts International, National and Regional Sporting Clays Events.  The Caribou is a World Class "Destination" Sporting Clays facility.

The Caribou has a League Level and Advanced Sporting Clays Course set for the summer.  There is also an Advanced Training Course set up to shoot, year round.


All Sporting Clays participation is done by Reservation.

Call the Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796


Trap & Skeet

The Caribou has 6 Trap Fields ready to shoot year round.

The Skeet field is currently set up for International Skeet Targets.

Reserve a time to shoot: 507-665-3796


Rifle & Pistol Range

The Caribou Rifle & Pistol Range has 10 covered stations, yardage from 25yds. to 500yds.


Daily & Annual Rifle Range fees are available.

Click Here for complete Caribou Rifle Range Info.

Call to Reserve Range time: 507-665-3796

Pheasants and Chukar are in! Book a hunt today.

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796


NEW for 2019....ALL ROOSTERS for Members only! (While supplies last).

Click Here for complete Caribou Gun Club Hunting Preserve Info.

Cover, Cover, Cover. Hunt the Caribou today!


Hunt either Pheasants or Chukar at the Caribou.

Non-Toxic Shot is required when hunting the Caribou Gun Club Hunting Preserve.

Professional Guides w/Dogs Available


Contact the Caribou Pro Shop to book a hunt with Kerby Kroells, the Caribou Head Hunting Guide.  Kerby hunts with both Flushers & Pointers.

~ Promatic & HuntVe Sales Info ~


Full Service Promatic Trap Dealer

Promatic Sales, Service, Parts & Delivery.

Call about Trap Rental, Target Setting & Course Design.

Call Randy Voss for Info & Pricing: 507-665-3796


Full Service HuntVe UTV Dealer

Stop by the Caribou to test drive the HuntVe Switchback 4x4 Hybrid Electric UTV today.

Call Randy Voss for Info & Pricing: 507-665-3796

Guns For Sale at the Caribou!

The Caribou Gun Club stocks New & Used Guns For Sale.  Give Randy a call at the Caribou Pro Shop for current inventory: 507-665-3796.  Click on Button below for featured guns.

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2019

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2019 (pdf)


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Call Ahead! Everything at the Caribou Gun Club is done by Reservation

Make sure to call the Caribou Pro Shop to Shoot or Hunt!

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

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