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Pheasants & Chukar hunting at the Caribou!

Welcome to the Caribou!

Winter cover is great, call the Caribou today for your next pheasant/chukar hunt.

Rifle Range, Sporting Clays & Trap is open all winter.


Ask about the "1/2 Price New Membership Special".

Call the Caribou Gun Club today to reserve a field, schedule a time to shoot or membership info.

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Call the Caribou Pro Shop today to reserve time on the Caribou Rifle Range!

Guns For Sale at the Caribou!

The Caribou Gun Club stocks New & Used Guns For Sale.  Give Randy a call at the Caribou Pro Shop for current inventory: 507-665-3796.  Click on Button below for featured guns.

Guns For Sale

Book the Caribou Banquet Hall today!

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2018

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List_2018 (pdf)


~ Caribou Gun Club News ~

Steve Anderson Crew hunting the 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday!


The 2018 Hunting Preserve season in in full swing.  Cover is amazing, professional hunting guides w/dogs always available.  Individual or large groups welcome.  Call today to reserve a time to hunt!  

Inquire about the Caribou Gun Club "1/2 Price Membership Special".

Caribou Membership provides you discount pricing on Hunting Preserve & all Shooting disciplines; Rifle Range, Sporting Clays, Trap & Skeet.

Friends of NRA • 2018 MN State Sporting Clays Champion • Luke Villwock • 99x100


Friends of NRA • 2018 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

August 11, 2018 • Caribou Gun Club


Luke Villwock • HOA • 99x100

Pete Mellow • RU • 98x100

Jeff Kessler • 3rd • 94x100

Rebecca Kartak • High Ladies • 74x100


Element Exteriors • 1st Place • 355x400

Luke Villwock • 99x100

Pete Melloy • 98x100

Joe Harrington • 92x100

Tom Sander • 68x100

Pasture Team • 2nd Place • 334x100

Josh Broch • 92x100

Brett Tupy • 90x100

Tim Broch • 82x100

Paul Wiemann • 70x100

Thanks Caribou Gun Club! • Dan Carlisle • Gold Medal Shooting Academy


Dan Carlisle would like to thank all of his 2018 Caribou Customers.

Dan will be back next Spring/2019.

Click Here for Dan Carlisle Info.

Call Randy Voss for Info: 507-665-3796

Dan Carlisle Info

Fundraisers • Special Events

The 11th Annual Legacy Hero Hunt • Saturday, March 23rd, 2019



Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 • Caribou Gun Club • 30649 380th St. • Le Sueur, MN 56058

The 11th Annual Legacy Hero Hunt and Military Appreciation Event for local and out of state Minnesota veterans will be held on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019. This great outdoor day will be

held at the Caribou Gun Club & Hunting Preserve in Le Sueur, MN.

The Legacy Hero Hunt provides veterans and returning soldiers with an all-expense paid day of upland hunting, sporting clays, prizes, lunch and camaraderie with fellow servicemen/women.

Since the Hunt was launched in 2009, over 500+ soldiers have enjoyed a day afield and have been re-acquainted with the great outdoors, their hunting passions, traditions and fellow tour of duty comrades.

Priority is still given to Veterans returning within the past two years of active duty overseas.

 We are currently looking for sponsors and supporters for this event.

If you are interested in either please contact us for more information.


The Legacy Hero Hunt

PO Box 34

Belle Plaine, MN 56011

Facebook Page

2019 Legacy Hero Hunt

The 11th Annual Legacy Hero Hunt • 2019 • Info (pdf)


Shooting at the Caribou!


Sporting Clays

The Caribou Gun Club hosts International, National and Regional Sporting Clays Events.  The Caribou is a World Class "Destination" Sporting Clays facility.

The Caribou has a League Level and Advanced Sporting Clays Course set for the summer.  There is also an Advanced Training Course set up to shoot, year round.


All Sporting Clays participation is done by Reservation.

Call the Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Sporting Clays Info

Trap & Skeet

The Caribou has 6 Trap Fields ready to shoot year round.

The Skeet field is currently set up for International Skeet Targets.

Reserve a time to shoot: 507-665-3796

Trap & Skeet Info

Rifle & Pistol Range

The Caribou Rifle & Pistol Range has 10 covered stations, yardage from 25yds. to 500yds.


Daily & Annual Rifle Range fees are available.

Click Here for complete Caribou Rifle Range Info.

Call to Reserve Range time: 507-665-3796

Rifle Range Info

Pheasant & Chukar hunting in full swing for 2018!

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796


Call to Reserve a Field today!

Click Here for complete Caribou Gun Club Hunting Preserve Info.

Hunting Preserve Info

Cover, Cover, Cover. Hunt the Caribou today!


Hunt either Pheasants or Chukar at the Caribou.

Steel Shot is required when hunting the Caribou Gun Club Hunting Preserve.

Professional Guides w/Dogs Available


Contact the Caribou Pro Shop to book a hunt with Kerby Kroells, the Caribou Head Hunting Guide.  Kerby hunts with both Flushers & Pointers.

~ Promatic & HuntVe Sales Info ~


Full Service Promatic Trap Dealer

Promatic Sales, Service, Parts & Delivery.

Call about Trap Rental, Target Setting & Course Design.

Call Randy Voss for Info & Pricing: 507-665-3796


Full Service HuntVe UTV Dealer

Stop by the Caribou to test drive the HuntVe Switchback 4x4 Hybrid Electric UTV today.

Call Randy Voss for Info & Pricing: 507-665-3796


2018 Southern MN High School Trap Championship

Tri-City United wins Team Championship! Woodrow Glazer & Jessica Alsleben win Individual titles.

2018 Southern MN High School Trap Championship • Results

Team Championships


Tri-City United • 226x250 • HOA

Le Sueur/Henderson • 224x250 • RU

Junior Varsity

Tri-City United • 201x250 • HOA

Le Sueur/Henderson • 194x250 • RU

Boys Individual

Varsity • Shoot-Off

Woodrow Glazer (New Prague) • 50x50 • HOA

Ben Sladek (Tri-City United)• 50x50 • RU

Junior Varsity

Brad Kodada (Tri-City United) • 47x50 • HOA

Caleb Cihak (Tri-City United) • 44x50 • RU

Girls Individual


Jessica Alsleben (Glencoe) • 44x50 • HOA

Savannah Oachs (Sibley East) • 41x50 • RU

Junior Varsity

Elsa Strom (Le Sueur/Henderson) • 37x50 • HOA

Madeline Jensen (Sibley East) • 35x50 • RU

KEYC/12 Mankato • Caribou Gun Club hosts inaugural Trap Shooting Championship

Thanks to Tyler from KEYC Channel 12/Mankato, MN, for attending and producing this great video:

2018 Southern MN High School Trap Championship

HIgh School Trap Treams that Competed

Belle Plaine



Le Sueur/Henderson

New Prague

Sibley East

St. Peter

Tri-City United

The Caribou Gun Club would like to thank the High School Trap Teams, Shooters, Coaches and Spectators that attended.

See you next year!

~ Earl Voss • 1926-2017 ~


Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2018

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List_2018 (pdf)


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