Caribou Hunting Preserve

Big Cover, Big Roosters, Big Time!

The Caribou Hunting Preserve encompasses 24 separate hunting fields, spread over 750 acres of varying terrain.  From Big Blue Stem prairie grass to Sorghum to knee high Bromegrass, the Caribou has the finest Hunting Preserve cover in the midwest.  Pheasants & Chukar are the preferred quarry.  Professional Guides with experienced Dogs are always available upon request.  Pigeons are usually on hand for the Dog Trainer.  Preserve hunting starts on September 1st and ends on April 1st.  Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Steel Shot is required when hunting the Caribou Gun Club Hunting Preserve. 

Hunting Fields from 3 acres to 50 acres!

50 acre fields at a Hunting Preserve?  Absolutely.  Scratch Bird Hunting?  Become a Member.  Stay for the weekend?  Yes, bring your RV or Camper and plug in.  Only at the Caribou!

Professional Guides w/Dogs

Kerby Kroells of Kroells County Line Kennels, (in Green Isle, MN), is the Guidemaster at the Caribou.  Kerby has decades of Upland Guiding, Dog Training and Dog Breeding experience.  Kerby runs and raises both Pointers and Flushers.  You can contact Kerby at 651-319-7081 for Pups and Started Dogs.  

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2018

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List_2018 (pdf)