Caribou Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

For 2017, the “South Course” will be used for the Summer Sporting Clays league and daily shooting, open to the Public.

The Caribou also has a “Training Course” set up in the North Course Bowl, for the advanced shosters, with infinite shot presentations.

Call the Caribou Pro Shop today, to reserve time to shoot: 507-665-3796

Caribou Sporting Clays Capabilities

The Caribou Gun Club Sporting Clays facility is considered one of the premiere shooting destinations in North America, having hosted the 2012 U.S. Open and 2015 World FITASC.

The Caribou has property capabilities to set, up to 12 Sporting Clays courses for one event.   

If you need a "World Class" facility to host your next large Sporting Clays Event, give the Caribou a call.

2017 NSCA North Central Regional Championship • August 3-6, 2017

The Caribou will be hosting the 2017 NSCA North Central Regional Sporting Clays Championship in August.  Be There!

August 2nd thru August 6th, 2017 




Airport: Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport • MSP

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2017

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List_2017 (pdf)