The Caribou Gun Club

The Home of Big Cover, Big Roosters and Big Competition!


Caribou Gun Club • est. 1953 • Open to the Public • Memberships Available

The Caribou Gun Club is a full service Gun Club with Sporting Clays, Trap & Skeet, 25-500 yd. Rifle & Pistol Range, 3D Archery, Driven Tower Shoots, Hunting Preserve, Pro Shop, RV Sites & Banquet Hall.

The Caribou is renowned for hosting International, National and Regional Sporting Clays Competitions.  Most recently having held the 2015 World FITASC, the 2015 U.S. FITASC Grand Prix and the 2012 U.S. Open Sporting Clays Championship.  The Caribou most recently hosted the 2017 NSCA North Central Regional Championship, August 2-6, 2017.

The Caribou Hunting Preserve stretches over 750 acres of diverse cover, with the opportunity to hunt both Pheasant & Chukar.  Professional Hunting Guides with Dogs are available.

Along with the 350 seat Caribou Banquet Hall, make sure to ask about one of the 28 RV Hook-ups to rent for your next outing.

Memberships are available for Individuals/Families and Corporations.

The Caribou Gun Club is Open to the Public.

All Shooting, Hunting and Banquet Hall Events are done by Reservation Only.

Contact the Caribou Pro Shop for Info and Reservations: 507-665-3796  

The Caribou Gun Club History

Only at the Caribou!


Founded in 1953, by Earl Voss, the Caribou Gun Club has been serving the sporting public with great passion and expertise for more than 60 years.

Earl started the Club with one Trap field next to his garage, expanded the facility in 1960 and progressed to hosting ATA registered shoots by 1972.

The Skeet Range was added in 1975 with the Rifle Range to follow in 1981. The Rifle Range received a major remodel and expansion in 2008.  25 to 500 Yard Range!

After breaking and still holding several ATA Trap Shooting records as a teenager, Randy Voss was recruited by the U. S. Marksmanship Unit out of high school. Randy became one of the top International Trap Shooters in the world, after his U. S. Army Trap Team took Gold in the 1978 World Championships, in Seoul, South Korea.

Randy and Earl expanded the Gun Club to include the Hunting Preserve in 1985, continually expanding the Preserve’s capabilities to its present configuration, of 28 hunting fields, covering over 750 acres.  

The Club’s first Sporting Clays course was installed in 1987, with additional courses created from 1994 to 2015, to accommodate large sporting clays events.

Today the Caribou Gun Club Sporting Clays facility is considered one of the premiere shooting destinations in North America, having hosted the 2012 U.S. Open and 2015 World FITASC.  The Caribou has property capabilities to set, up to 12 Sporting Clays courses for one event.   

The Caribou Log Cabin, a hand honed log cabin, was built in 1996 and the Caribou Banquet Hall added in 2001 to facilitate the needs of the sporting public.

The Caribou is nestled in the Minnesota River Valley, just 50 miles southwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metropolitan area.

Easy to get to, but hard to leave!  Come visit the Caribou soon.  

Sporting Clays/FITASC Events • 1995 to Present


1995 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

1997 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

1997 First MN State Parcours de Chasse

1997 First MN State 5 Stand

1998 MN State Parcours de Chasse

1999 Zone 5 Championship

2000 National Parcours de Chasse

2001 Pan Am Parcours de Chasse

2001 MN State Sporting

2002 Pan Am Parcours de Chasse

2004 Zone 5 Championship

2005 MN State Parcours de Chasse

2005 National Parcours de Chasse

2006 Parcours de Chasse Referee Training

2006 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

2007 MN Triple Classic Championship

2007 Petersen Dead Bird Open

2007 Caribou Open Parcours de Chasse

2007 MN State Small Bore Championship

2008 MN Triple Classic Championship

2008 Petersen Dead Bird Open

2008 Caribou SCTP Shoot

2008 Caribou Open

2009 MN Triple Classic Championship

2009 Petersen Dead Bird Open

2009 MN State Small Bore & Super Sporting

2009 National Parcours de Chasse

2009 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

2010 MN Triple Classic Championship 

2010 Petersen Dead Bird Open

2010 Caribou SCTP Shoot

2010 Zone 5 Championship

2011 MN Triple Classic Championship

2011 Petersen Dead Bird Open

2011 North American FITASC Championship

2011 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

2011 Caribou Holiday 100

2012 MN State Parcours de Chasse

2012 U.S. Open Sporting Clays Championship

2012 Caribou Holiday 100

2013 MN State Super Sporting & .410 Bore

2013 MN State 20 & 28 Gauge Small Bore

2013 Caribou 12 Days of Christmas 100

2014 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

2015 MN State FITASC Championship

2015 U.S. FITASC Grand Prix

2015 World FITASC

2016 Puglisi Tour Championship

2016 Caribou Super 5-Stand & Caribou 100

2016 MN State Sporting Clays Championship

2017 SCMN Triple Classic Championship

2017 Puglisi Tour Championship

2017 NSCA North Central Regional Championship

2018 FNRA MN State Sporting Clays Championship

Caribou Gun Club Capabilities


Founder: Earl Voss

Established: 1953

Owner: Randy Voss

Shoot: Sporting Clays • Trap & Skeet • Rifle & Pistol Range

Hunt: Pheasant & Chukar • 28 Fields • 750 Acres

Banquet Hall: Caribou Banquet Hall • 350 Person Capacity

RV Hook-ups: 28 RV Hook-Ups (Electric Only)

Caribou Gun Club Price List • 2018

Caribou Pro Shop: 507-665-3796

Caribou Gun Club Price List_2018 (pdf)