Minnesota Permit to Carry Class • Check back for new dates.

Defensive Mindset Training will be giving a six hour training seminar that covers all necessary legal aspects of Minnesota Permit to Carry.

This foundation-level course is designed for shooters with little to some experience operating a handgun. You’ll learn DMT's unique defensive shooting fundamentals, loading and unloading procedures, deterrence system, and situational awareness system featured in the Concealed Carry Masters Course and Avoid-Deter-Defend. This course will give you the best foundation to begin your concealed carry journey. This course will also meet all Minnesota requirements for carrying a concealed handgun.

Topics include:

• Defensive Shooting Fundamentals. 

• Safe and functional loading and unloading procedures that will also develop advanced techniques of reloads and malfunctions. 

• Deterrence System to help improve your legal and physical defense. 

• Situational Awareness system to identify threats early and avoid conflict. 

• Live Fire.

Pre-requisites: None

$100 per person.  Loaner firearms available, students responsible for ammo purchase.  Ammo will be available or bring 9mm or .22LR for the loaner guns.

Contact: Beau Doboszenski • 612-210-4786 •


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